Eight pieces of advice for sustainable tourism!

Following our experience with the eco-lodge Keur Bamboung, here are our eight tips for sustainable and quality tourism:

  1. Save fossil resources and control renewable resources;
  2. Limit and control waste by promoting the use of biodegradable products, practicing the recycling and processing of waste;
  3. Favour local products (e.g. vegetables, clay bricks);
  4. Raise awareness (among visitors and those visited) about protection of the environment and respect for biodiversity;
  5. Limit the number of visitors to sustain a valuable experience for them (quality instead of quantity);
  6. Develop activities for cultural exchange through information, training and participation of all stakeholders;
  7. Adapt traditional technologies and know-how (e.g. construction with clay bricks);
  8. Couple the tourist industry and the local economy in order to maximize mutual benefits.

Ensemble, protégeons notre planète !